Circuit guide and information

Silverstone GP circuit map
Silverstone GP

5.899 km | 3.666 miles

Silverstone International circuit map
Silverstone International

2.977 km | 1.851 miles

Silverstone National circuit map
Silverstone National

2.638 km | 1.64 miles

Track days at Silverstone

Track day car hire at Silverstone

Lotus 2-Eleven

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Lotus 2-Eleven - 260bhp specification 2-Eleven with 2 way adjustable Ohlins dampers but with easier access than with a standard Lotus roll cage

Silverstone price£1295per dayFull details

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Lotus Elise S

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Lotus Elise S - 140bhp - track day specification

Silverstone price£895per dayFull details

Renaultsport Megane Trophy-R

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Our Megane has been added to the fleet as a successor to the previous model which was the 265 Trophy – this new 275 Trophy R is even more extreme, even faster and being the R model with the additional Nurburgring pack is one of only 30 cars in the UK.

Silverstone price£1295per dayFull details

Lotus 2-Eleven Race

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Our 2-Eleven has the full GT4 roll cage and 270bhp upgrade. It runs full Ohlins TTX 46mm 2 way dampers, AP four piston caliper brakes with upgraded Performance Friction discs and pads. Power is translated through a six speed sequential gearbox running shiftec paddleshift. Single seat only!

Silverstone price£1795per dayFull details

Lotus Elise R - Racecar

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Lotus Elise R – our Elise R’s are serious race cars, this car won the Brands Hatch 1000km race in 2010 and both are in regular race action, they run uprated Performance Friction brakes, adjustable anti roll bars, fully adjustable Quantum Race Dampers.

Silverstone price£995per dayFull details

Lotus Exige S

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Probably the most popular car on the fleet, 220bhp with the Lotus Sport Pack options added including the Schroth 4 point harnesses, easy to drive and an ideal choice if you want something a bit faster than the regular Elise S2.

Silverstone price£1195per dayFull details

Lotus Exige V6 Cup R

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The Exige V6 Cup R is the top spec Lotus Club race car, this car is available for track days, test days and arrive drive racing in a number of race series. It is a full spec Cup R including the XTrac sequential gearbox and Shiftec paddleshift system.

Silverstone price£1995per dayFull details

SEAT Leon Supercopa

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The SEAT Supercopa is a full purpose built race car from SEAT Sport. Used extensively throughout the world in one make championships, multi class championships and in endurance racing they are generally acknowledged as one of the best touring class race cars available.

Silverstone price£1495per dayFull details

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